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NANOGLOSS is a new generation of NANO-coatings used as Paint Protection for cars designed for simple hand application on “new” or newly reconditioned automotive and marine paint finishes, plastics and stainless steel. NANOGLOSS™ protects the surfaces against chemical attack from any kind of environmental pollutant, e.g., acid rain, animal and vegetable deposits (bird droppings and tree sap) and road grime, including salts and insect fluids, UV rays, limescale etc. The hydrophobic and oleophobic effects of the coating cause particles of contamination such as grease, oil, water, mud and materials from environmental pollution to adhere less to the surface, and allow them to be easily removed from the coating, i.e. without applying abrasive agents so called "Easy to Clean" effect.

The NANOGLOSS kit includes:
  • 60ml NANOGLOSS for paint
  • 60ml IPA for cleaning - for orders outside of Australia you have to purchase it in your local hardware store
  • 1 applicator blocks including microfiber suede
  • 4 microfiber cloths
  • 4 nitrile gloves
  • Application process
  • You need to buy Wax & Grease Remover from your local supplier like SuperCheap or Autobarn or any other local supplier.
  • BONUS - 10ml Nano-QuarzGC for windscreen (windshield)
the final result of our NANOGLOSS

water beads

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