Duco Scratch Story

The founder of Duco Scratch, Merrick Nemeth, is a cars and motorcycles enthusiast. Merrick always wanted to use this passion professionally and so in 2005 started with the Duco Magic "franchise". While working with Duco Magic, Merrick was the "touch-up guy" with his main clients being car dealerships. Merrick soon discovered that the car dealership managers were not particularly interested in the quality of work Merrick wanted to do and so within a year Merrick started Duco Scratch. Merrick was disappointed with the quality of standard automotive paint protection products used at car dealerships, and so he decided to seek out better products elsewhere. He began with a "liquid glass paint protection" manufactured by Glare and soon also moved onto paint protection film. Merrick discovered that the paint protection film not only protected the paint from being scratched or chipped but it also protected the paint from other environmental elements.
 The "liquid glass paint protection" had limited durability and ability to protect the paint and Merrick was soon trying to solve this problem. Soon enough he introduced the Ceramic Polymer Nanotechnology based paint protection products, the perfect car care product which would minimize the maintenance and maximize the pleasure of owning the car.  Now Duco Scratch uses only Ceramic Polymer Nanotechnology based paint protection products since early 2010.
In early 2010 we started to develop our own brand Car Care Coatings and we introduced the first Ceramic Sealants in Australia and started the development and the production of our Nano-Ceramic Sealants. Later in 2012 we introduced the PermaGloss™ - Ceramic Polymer Nanotechnology Paint Protection with self-healing Nanoparticles, the first in the world to offer this unique coating to our customers. We are continuously developing new car care products and improving the current line of products as new, more advanced raw materials and technologies become available.

Latest News

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