DIY and Professional Car Paint Protection Products

DIY and Professional Products
Car Care Coatings Products  
DIY Products
A complete paint protection solution for your vehicle by minimising the maintenance of your vehicle and maximizing the value and enjoyment of owning the vehicle. The foundation of our business is to offer car care products on a unique Ceramic Polymer Nanotechnology utilizing the latest more advanced raw materials and technologies.
Professional Products
Unique and highly effective professional products and coatings for car and boat detailing industry give you the glossy finish and durable benefits that come with Ceramic Polymer Nanotechnology. This revolutionary Ceramic Polymer Nanotechnology paint protection creates an almost self-cleaning surface that usually only requires water and a chamois needed to maintain the spotlessness of the vehicle.
Microfibre Products
Microfiber is an ultra fine, polyester/polyamide (nylon) fiber that is slit and either woven or knitted into fabric. Microfibers are one third the diameter of cotton fibers and one quarter the diameter of fine wool fibers. The structural properties of microfiber fabric make it a superior cleaning and polishing material. Ultrafine Microfiber leaves a clean streak-free surface. No stains or scratches remain on surfaces after wiping.

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