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Nano-coatings for Fabrics, Leather and Convertible Fabric Tops
Nano-coatings for Fabrics, Leather and Convertible Fabric Tops
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The highest quality of the new Super-hydrophobic generation of NANO-coatings for fabrics

500ml NANO-Quarzfab™ 
Up to 20m² of fabric can be treated using one bottle
The advanced Super-hydrophobic fibre protection products, based on NANO-TECHNOLOGY, protect a wide range of fabrics and materials from water, dirt, stains and contamination from most liquids while remaining completely invisible.
Nano-Quarzfab does not affect the appearance, colour, breathability or handling of the fabrics and materials while at the same time making them easy to maintain .CERAMIC nano-coatings™ products are extremely water-resistant on outdoor fabrics keeping them drier longer. When the fabrics are treated with our CERAMIC nano-coatings™ products, stains like oil, coffee, red wine etc. belong to the past.

»   Car interior protection for carpets and upholstery fabrics
»   Household fabrics such as upholstery, carpets, pillows, cushions, sheets etc.
»   Suede and leather
»   Paper, cardboard
»   Clothing
»   Outdoor furniture
»   Convertible fabric tops

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