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HyperShine Ultimate Longest Lasting Detailer
HyperShine Ultimate Longest Lasting Detailer

Unlike no other detailer or finishing treatment, HyperShineTM contains durable, water repelling and scratch resistant resins that chemically bond to the film / surface interface and form a ceramic-like polymeric matrix with paint, glass, and metal. In addition, the incorporation of nanoscale carnauba wax resins within the matrix produces an ultra high gloss, deep wax-like finish. Easy to apply, HyperShineTM is simply wiped on and wiped down as the chemistry works to impart a glossy ceramic membrane within minutes. The result is an extremely hydrophobic, water-repelling micro shield that allows for the easiest release of road grime. It can be applied to any hard surface of the vehicle, including paint, plastic, glass and metal for immediate and long-term enhancement and protection.

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