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Professional Product
HyperSeal™ - paint sealant
HyperSeal™ - Ceramic Polymer Sealant for new cars - professional product

Designed for simple hand application on new or newly reconditioned paint finishes, HyperSeal™ is wiped on and wet-polished crystal clear. The result is a chemically inert, very hard, ceramic-like membrane that provides astounding protection and a deeply polished appearance. HyperSeal™ is also fortified with polymerically linked nanoparticles that amplify and maintain the showroom appearance against scratching and marring for a minimum of seven (7) years, guaranteed! In addition, the extremely low surface energy of its film resists the adhesion of road grime, salts, insects, acid rain, etc., and greatly increases cleaning results. HyperSeal™ encapsulates the treated surface by chemically adhering to it while maintaining even greater internally cohesive properties. Consequently the coatings will never delaminate, fade, flake, peel, or yellow or migrate into the paint pores. Instead, the system becomes a part of the paint finish, greatly increasing abrasion resistance and protection against aging and fading due to surface oxidation. The result is a microscopic ceramic-like matrix of polymeric protection that seals out all oxidative elements while sealing in a deep-gloss shine for years. Packaged in a 120 mL size, one bottle contains enough coating to treat the paint finish on a large car. Also available in 495ml, 995ml and 1 gallon (3.78 litre).

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