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HyperPolish All in One Polish, Gloss and Sealant
HyperPolish All in One Polish, Gloss and Sealant

HyperPolish™ is an advanced vehicle appearance solution that cleans, polishes and protects in one application. The finest grade of micro abrasives is utilized for the easy hand removal of spider web scratches and light marring. The factory-new like finish is then preserved with a thin glossy coating that contains the same kind of resins as in our HyperGloss™ coating system. The re-occurrence of scratches is prevented due to the ceramic polymer formations and the incorporation of the nanoscale abrasives. In addition, grime release properties as well as an increased depth of gloss are imparted and then encased in this ceramic-like shield that protects against damage from all types of environmental pollutants. No surface preparation beyond a thorough cleaning is required. One 120 mL bottle contains enough coating to treat the paint finish on a large passenger car. Preserve the paint finish conditions for a minimum of 2 years.

Note: Guaranty is extended to 5 years if applied in conjunction with Ceramic Polymer Sealant

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