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Professional Product
HyperGloss™ - Cleans, polishes & coats for the Ultimate Long-lasting Shine!
HyperGloss™  - Cleans, Polishes & Coats - professional product.

HyperGloss™ is the pinnacle of paint enhancement and protection in one application for professional use. It deep cleans, reconditions and polishes (both mechanically and chemically) and then coats with the same kind of resins as in our LifeTime Performance™ coating system. In one application, the paint finish is reconditioned to a beyond showroom shine. A near "Class A" finish is imparted and preserved for a minimum of five (5) years, guaranteed! Designed for the easiest machine application, i.e., orbital type, HyperGloss™ will permanently remove most visibly noticeable scratches and marring without producing a powdery residue. Instead, an extremely hydrophobic (water-repelling), olio phobic (oil and soil repelling), durable ceramic like membrane of glossy protection is imparted with the slightest amount of post-buffing involved. The optimal use of HyperGloss™ is on "used" paint finishes that are oxidized or weathered and that are pure pigment, particularly carbon black, and therefore susceptible to scratching and marring. Once removed and the surface polished to a glass like condition, the re-occurrence of scratches are prevented due to the ceramic polymer formations and the incorporation of the nanoscale abrasives. In addition, grime release properties are encased in this ceramic-like shield which protects against damage from all types of environmental pollutants. When Buffing Aid is used to polish the applied coating free of residual alumina, an additional two (2) years of glossy protection is imparted. Packaged in a 120 mL size, one bottle contains enough coating to treat the paint finish on a large car. Also available in 495ml, 995ml and 1 gallon (3.78 litre)

Cleans, polishes & coats for the Ultimate Long-lasting Shine!

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