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Clean&Gloss™ Water-less Wash and Carnauba Nanoparticle Shine
Clean&Gloss™ Water-less Wash and Carnauba Nanoparticle Shine

Designed to address the environmental need for reducing water consumption while saving time and expense in washing vehicles coated with Clean&Gloss™, this water-based cleaner/polish/coating will impart further gloss and grime release to the entire vehicle exterior surface. When soiled the coated paint surface can be cleaned and even polished within minutes without generating waste water. Repeated applications result in a surface that is nearly self-cleaning due to the anti-static properties imparted by the treatments. One application lasts for months while each subsequent application is cumulative, each time adding to the gloss and the grime release properties of the surface. Packaged in a 495 mL bottle and will provide at least 4-8 treatments. Preserve the paint finish conditions for a minimum of 1 year.

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