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Ceramic Polymer Sealant™
DIY Product
Ceramic Polymer Sealant™
Ceramic Polymer Sealant™ - DIY paint protection kit

Ceramic Polymer Sealant™ is a unique and innovative blend of ceramic and anti-static polymer chemistry. It is also the most feasible way to benefit from the proprietary car care coating chemistry. Extremely easy to use, Ceramic Polymer Sealant™ is simply wiped on the cleaned and polished paint surface, allowed to dry and then wiped clear. The result is a glossy ceramic membrane of grime repelling protection. In addition to the paint surface, glass and metal finishes are enhanced, protected and made much easier to clean. The cost savings in the reduction of next-time-cleaning is measurable. Often only a wipe from a moisten microfiber cloth is necessary. Preserve the paint finish conditions for a minimum of 3 years.
Note: Guaranty is extended to 5 years if applied in conjunction with HyperPolish™ or NanoGloss™. 

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